Hollywood Area Guide

See all the Top Attractions and Quintessential Hollywood Sites

Everyone knows Hollywood as the movie capital of the world but what there might be a few things you should know before you visit. Hollywood is a district in Los Angeles, California northwest of the downtown area. Hollywood is also recognized as it's own region of the city. Its iconic sign and celebrity culture drive the tourism industry and attract aspiring actors, performers, writers, directors, and more from all over the world. 


View the iconic Hollywood sign that has been perched over the city atop Mount Lee since 1923. You can also take a stroll down famous Hollywood Boulevard, shop at Rodeo Drive, see your favorite celebrity's handprints along the Walk of Fame, and experience some of the best live entertainment in the world. And, it's all within reach from our apartments. 


There are tons of attractions and things to do in Hollywood. Here are a few of our top attractions to visit while you're here: